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Alistarh group
Distributed machine learning; Concurrent data structures and applications; Molecular computation
Cheng group
Computational materials science; Machine learning; Atomic simulations
Kolmogorov group
Inference in graphical models; Combinatorial optimization problems; Theory of discrete optimization
Lampert group
Trustworthy learning (robustness, explainability, fairness); Transfer learning (lifelong learning, continual learning, learning theory); Generative models of 3D scenes
Mondelli group
Fundamental limits and efficient algorithms for deep learning; Non-convex optimization in high-dimensions; Optimal code design for short block lengths
Robinson group
Statistical models for the genetic basis of common complex disease; The genetic basis of age of onset; The genetics of ageing; Maternal health; Genomic prediction for personalized health
Tkacik group
Visual encoding in the retina; Genetic regulation during early embryogenesis; Collective dynamics; Evolution of gene regulation